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The Russian Blue


The first Russian Blue cats originated from the Baltic port of Archangel, near the Arctic Circle, and were carried as trade goods by merchant sailors on ships trading with England. They were then shown extensively in England during the latter part of the 19th Century, yet despite being a distinctly different breed, they were shown together with other blue shorthairs under various collective titles such as the Foreign Blue and the Archangel. In 1912 it was given its own class, however during World War II the breed almost became extinct.


The beautiful Russian Blue has a deservedly haughty air, but it is blessed with a gentle soul. The Australian Russian Blue is bred to standards very similar to that in the UK, but differs greatly to the style of Russian Blue cats bred in America.This powerful and elegant cat is not a cat of extremes, making it a very appealing pet to have in the home.


The Russian Blue has a double coat which is very different from any other breed – it is short, thick and very fine and its density causes the double-textured coat to stand out from the body. Its clear blue colour gives the cat an overall lustrous, silvery sheen that further enhances its regal look, and a good regular brushing only adds to its stunning looks.


The Russian Blue will usually live up to 15 years of age, but with the proper care and nutrition can live 20 years or over.


This is a medium to large cat with the females usually weighing about 4kg and the males weighing about 7kg.


The Russian Blue will get along with all other animals living in the home, providing it is treated with the respect it deserves.


This cat needs a lot of human companionship, so its ideal owners shouldn’t be away from the home for any extended periods of time. If provided plenty of companionship, it can happily live in most situations, be it around the ocean, the city or the country. They're great with children and are extremely social with any visitors.

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